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Triwall Corrugated Sheet 1200 x 15 x 1900mm
Triwall Corrugated Sheet 1200 x 15 x 1900mm  Triwall Corrugated Sheet 1200 x 15 x 1900mm 

Triwall Corrugated Sheet 1200 x 15 x 1900mm

  • Product Code: TRI1219
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Price: £25.60

  • 4 or more £24.30
  • 10 or more £22.50
  • 20 or more £19.90
  • 30 or more £18.60
  • 45 or more £17.20

Triwall Corrugated - 1200 x 15 x 1900mm 

1 - 3 Sheets      @ £25.60

4 - 9 Sheets      @ £24.30

10 - 19 Sheets  @ £22.50

20 - 29 Sheets @ £19.90

30 - 44 Sheets @ £18.60

45 + Sheets     @ £17.20

Size: 1200 x 1900 x 15mm                                       Weight 3.8kg                                     Price per sheet plus vat                

When ordering please note that the sheets we sell may be slightly warped, due to the live nature of the material, we cannot guarantee the sheets will be completely flat.

Heavy duty corrugated packaging has measurable benefits over timber and other forms of packaging, it’s

Economical and lightweight, helping to reduce airfreight costs.

Reusable and recyclable, Uses less storage space as can be supplied flat-packed. Better at protection, Impressive stacking strength, and built-in cushioning, properties that improve shock absorption.

Smoother, no splinters, less Health & Safety issues.

Excellent at insulating the product inside.

Practical – it can be printed, coated to be slip-proof and water-resistant.

All Tri-Wall boards are manufactured using wet strength adhesive that will enable the product to withstand up to 24 hours in water. This happened during the Falklands campaign in 1982 when a consignment of supplies packed in Tri-Wall fell into the ocean accidentally. They were still in perfect condition when they were pulled from the water 24 hours later!

Flexible with customised pack designs, easy to use giving a quicker pack set-up, and lower stock inventory.

James Brydall 17/03/2020

I only placed the order yesterday so wasn’t expecting it today - greatly appreciated!

Just wanted to say that the customer service - from speaking to someone in sales yesterday to the prompt delivery today - has been excellent.

Many thanks and all the best.


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